How to Write a Book Report

December 27, 2012

Book report writing is a popular assignment at high school, college and university, which is aimed at the development of students’ writing skills and critical thinking abilities. Students are supposed to read books and then present brief reports on them. A book report is a difficult thing, because the process of reading requires attention and total concentration on the plot and small details. Moreover, the structure of the paper is a bit complicated what really disappoints young people. No wonder students often have problems with writing a book report and look for good help in the Internet. Here you will find good book report writing guidelines which will gradually explain to you how to prepare this paper successfully.

Book Report Writing Tips:

1 If you do not know how to do a book report correctly, gather your thoughts and first of all read the book very attentively. While reading take careful notes not to miss any important thing, event described in the book or character. Pay attention to make detailed notes of the descriptions of nature and characters (their traits, behaviour, and appearance, as such things are essential for the analysis of the person). All these descriptions of nature are not spontaneous but are used to illustrate the inner world, feelings, humour of the character and they make a good background for the plot.

2 When you start writing the book report itself, make sure the book and the notes you have taken are by your side, because without these valuable sources you will fail writing the paper. Moreover, the book should be close to you, because all important quotations and descriptions can be found there.

3 Before writing book reports students should look for the reasons why they have read exactly this very book, what stimulated them to choose it. The question is quite difficult but you can answer to it with a few wise sentences. Books we read are always associated with the people we know, relatives, friends, events in our life. So, think about such associations and you will succeed in writing.

4 In order to organize the writing process correctly, prepare a good book report outline, which should be a detailed plan of the questions, ideas you are going to present on the paper. Remember that a well-planned detailed outline will make the work easier, because you will not forget about essential things while writing the paper.

5 Preparing a book report look through the content of the paper all the time, because very often students who do not know how to make a book report properly start to include some extra facts to make the report longer, which is not always for the better. So, when you write a book report, check whether the data is on its place, whether something is odd or can be added. Focus your attention on the climax of the book, its key dramatic moments. Next, analyze the writer’s intentions connected with the writing of the book; analyze the value of the book for the world literature and whether it helps to solve key questions of the humanity.

6 Making a book report strictly follow the outline to create a well-structured logical paper. Remember about the book report format, which is one of the most important aspects of paper writing, because if you fail to format the paper properly, the mark will be lower.

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