How to Write a Personal Statement

January 31, 2013

Every student who has the intention to enter a college, a university, Grad School, Medical School, etc. has to write a good personal statement to impress the admission commission and win the place at the chosen educational institution. Most applicants have problems with personal statement writing, because the paper is very serious (because often the one’s fate depends on it) and has strict writing requirements. The commission expects to receive a brief but logical paper which contains the self-presentation of an applicant and a range of his qualities which are appropriate or not for their institution. It is really difficult to realize how to make a personal statement correctly without good help of the professional. We understand young people and offer high-quality writing guidelines, which will be at hand for every applicant in need.

Personal Statement Writing Tips:

Step 1: Think about the School You Are Applying for

Before writing, choose the best one of the personal statement topics suggested for writing. Then, you need to organize the writing process effectively and control every further step. In order to do it, create a detailed personal statement outline. When you start writing a personal statement, you have to keep in mind the audience, which will be reading your paper and the personal and professional qualities required by the school. For example, it is obvious, that a Medical School student is expected to be scrupulous and patient, so there is no need to write that you are impulsive, impatient and can not concentrate on one thing for a long time, so your paper will never be accepted. Moreover, analyzing your qualities, you can change your mind understanding you need something else and start looking for another place for education.

Step 2: Write a Good Introduction

Writing a personal statement essay, you have to start it with a catchy introduction. It should be interesting, impressing and characterize your personality from all sides. The best way to prepare a good introduction is to write a famous quote and connect it with the story from your real life. It may be a positive life experience, which has opened your eyes on the profession you want to achieve or suit for; a child story with deep sense; some shocking or funny event from your life, which has changed your vision of your future or which have revealed your skills appropriate for the school you choose.

Step 3: Present the Traits of Your Character

If you plan to write a personal statement effectively, introduce your character from the most positive side. Write about the number of read books, about your interests, hobbies, everything which can be useful for the educational process at the selected school.

Step 4: Share with the Dreams about Your Future

A good personal statement should not only present your qualities and skills, but also explain why you have chosen to study at this very school and you plan to gain from education and what future career you plan to build. In order to impress the admission commission make sure you have written the paper in the appropriate personal statement format and length (it is not recommended to write long papers not to bore the audience).

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