How to Write a Research Proposal

January 11, 2013

Research proposal is a very important paper for students who are planning to prepare a good research paper on a certain topic. The general aim of a research proposal is to impress the professor and prove that you have something worthy for research, some new ideas, concepts which will be valuable for the discipline, science or even the whole humanity. Although, the original idea is important, one has to organize his thoughts logically onto a good order to receive the permission to write a research paper. So, we want to help students who are in need of good assistance and offer professional research proposal writing guidelines which will be surely useful for them.

Research Proposal Writing Tips:

1 Before you learn how to do a research proposal focus on the choice of the topic. Remember that a good topic you are interested in will make the writing process easier, because you will be investigating it eagerly and devote more time to the research. Avoid choosing broad topics, because you will never succeed there, as they require much time and enormous efforts. Moreover, only in the limited topic you will be able to present something new and interesting.

2 Writing a research proposal state what you are going to achieve with your paper and what the purpose of writing it is. So, think over about your predictions and expectations concerning the research paper, which can convince the professor in your success. Then, devote much time to the methodology of the investigation. Present a solid number of methods of research and explain why you are going to use exactly these methods in these very situations.

3 Writing research proposals think about the title. It should be very informative and catchy to attract the reader’s attention from the very beginning. Besides, if the title is successful and sounds well, the reader will already enjoy your paper and will read it with interest. A title should be nor short, nor long and contain the description of the topic and its key question.

4 When you write a research proposal try to be logical and convincing. Organize the writing process from the very beginning with the help of the successful and detailed research proposal outline, which should contain every moment and section of the paper. The more detailed plan you create, the better chance you have to complete a successful and informative proposal.

5 Create a good abstract for the research proposal which is a brief summary of your investigation. It should include the key question of the research, predictions, methodology and possible findings. The abstract gives the general idea about the whole research to the professor. If he likes the abstract, the main body of the paper will be treated the same. In the introduction present the purpose of writing this very paper and the context of the research problem. You have to introduce the research problem in such a light that it should look very important and worth investigation.

6 Then, provide the reader with literature review (a list of the used literary sources), methods, results and discussion (present strong and weak sides of the research, its value) sections and organize the paper according to the require research proposal format. Finally, proofread the paper accurately to avoid the slightest errors.

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