How to Write an Assignment

February 23, 2013

Studying at high school, college or university one will surely have to complete dozens of assignments of various complexity. Assignment writing is most often a big problem for students, because they do not want to spend time to cope with it. Nearly every school and academic assignment requires much time, nerves and efforts, because teachers demand it to be written on the basis on the reliable literary sources, according to the required formats, length and complexity. Moreover, every assignment has its own structure and manner of writing that is why inexperienced students will surely have troubles with writing. Below you will find trustworthy writing tips, if you do not know how to make an assignment correctly but do not want to lose your grades.

Assignment Writing Guidelines:

Step 1: Think over the Topic of the Assignment

Before writing an assignment spend time to realize what you are going to research and what the purpose of the paper is. In order to clear up these questions set up a range of problematic points, which you are going to solve after completing the assignment. If you are given a chance to choose your own topic for writing, be as creative as possible to brainstorm the most interesting topic for investigation. Then, ask yourself whether you have to provide rich list of the primary and secondary literature useful for the research (in complex assignments) or whether your background knowledge will be enough for writing (in simple assignments).

Step 2: Organize the Writing Process

Think what kind of paper you are expected to hand in. If you have to write a complex paper, create a detailed outline for the paper, otherwise you will lose the point or the key idea of writing or miss some essential fact or any kind of data useful for the whole paper. Even a short simple assignment will be only better if you prepare a brief plan of the points you want to present. Good logical organization of the writing process will not only help you create a sensible paper, but will illustrate to the teacher your abilities to think logically and critically.

Step 3: Check the Requirement of the Teacher

It is obvious that even if you complete an interesting and informative paper but it will differ from the teacher’s requirements, you paper will be considered as failure. Before writing the paper one should ask the professor or supervisor the most essential questions about the structure and the general view of the paper. Even if you do not know how to do an assignment professionally, teacher’s instructions will help you much. Ask about the length, format of the paper, number of pages, necessity of graphs, tables, citations, various sections, like methodology, literature, etc.

Step 4: Develop the Assignment according to the Plan

Writing assignments one should keep to the outline strictly. Collect data and analyze it, draw wise conclusions, provide the reader with smart ideas trying to answer all the questions you have set at the very beginning. When you complete the assignment, proofread it scrupulously not to miss the slightest mistakes.

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